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Builds a sustainable local food system

Supports inclusive spaces for neighbors to connect

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Dollars spent to date on local foods in 2022

Weekly food budgets doubled in 2022

Local farms and food producers supported in 2022

Your donation feeds families and builds a vibrant local food system.

SNAP Usage at Our Markets, 2017-present

It is stunning to see all the ways the Green for Greens program has grown. How it has made our market family so much stronger. In 2020 when businesses and schools first shut down with COVID, and life came to a standstill. But we still met at the Corner every Saturday. Every single one. It was a place you could count on for food, and also for connection. We were all reeling and suffering the effects of closed businesses and loss. That year we thought that surely the program hit its “high water” mark. But two years later the program continues to grow, in fact, this year the program doubled in size.

Your gift to the Green for Greens fund is a direct investment in your neighbors.
And it goes on to build a healthy, sustainable food system.

The Green for Greens fund creates a unique closed loop of investment in our community.

First, a donor puts $50 into the fund.
Then the fund matches a customer’s SNAP benefit, giving them a total of $100 to spend on foods of their choice.
Ultimately that $100 is spent with the local farmers and bakers and makers that you know and love.

When you think about giving, give locally.

And this year, through the Green for Greens fund, together we have been able to double 859 weekly food budgets for our neighbors receiving SNAP benefits. We have put nearly $100,000 worth of food on the tables of our neighbors in need and simultaneously made a $100,000 direct investment in our local food system. In order to accomplish that, we had to raise $50,000.

And this community stepped up.

And, remarkably, we did it. And almost all in small (and not so small) contributions from neighbors. With the growth trends of late, we anticipate that the program may grow by as much as 25% this year. Our goal is to raise $75,000 in 2023. Your help makes a difference.

Local actions matter. Local investments help all of us.

Green for Greens has allowed us, a small-scale farm, to be competitive with industrial agriculture’s pricing without us having to sell our produce at an unsustainable price. G4G’s mission is aligned with our farm’s mission for our food to be accessible to everyone.


Farmer, Sun and Soil Farm

As a mother of a three year old and a newborn, the Green for Greens program truly helps bridge the gap in providing my family with healthy, healing foods each week. My preschooler has a feeding tube, and I am able to make all of her meals from scratch from fresh ingredients we get to source from the market. We are so grateful that the Green for Greens program exists so we can afford to nourish our families.

Community Member

As someone who has been struggling with a chronic health condition for years, I owe so much of my well-being to the Green for Greens program. It allows me to access the healthiest food available in a way that is also good for the community. It’s not at all an exaggeration to say that without the local farmers that grow my food and the Green for Greens program that allows me to afford it, I would not be as healthy as I am and my journey would be a lot more difficult.

Community Member

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All donations are matched by the USDA to help families buy healthy food, and every cent goes on to pay our local food producers to keep on growing!


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